Course curriculum

    1. Welcome From Dr. Pat

    2. Introduction To This Advanced Course

    3. The Mission of the Advanced Course

    4. How The Advanced Life Course Works

    5. Here's The Book List!

    6. Group Discussion Topic: Defining You

    7. LIVE Version 1st Class!

    1. What It Means To Find Fire

    2. Clues To How I Found Fire

    3. The Limited Adventures of The Self-Authoring Mind

    4. Is There A Fly In The Soup?

    5. The Watchful Eye Assignment

    6. The Strangest Secret: Why Some People Always Succeed

    7. Finding The Fire That Ignites Your God-Given Purpose

    8. Finding Fire Assignment - Success Values Affirmation Purpose

    9. Exposing The Fire From The Power Of You

    1. Building Mastery Through Mediation

    2. Meditation With Melissa Kim

    3. The Case For Meditation Is Already Made

    1. Getting To The Top Module 2

    2. Goals & Dreams - Inspiration

    3. Are You Ready For Gold Yet?

    4. Gold-Level Clarity Assignment

    5. When The Mission Is You

    6. The Vision You Hold

    7. Think...Set Goal...Create!

    1. Don't Let The Neuro Be Caught Off-Guard "All That Glitters Sho' Ain't Gold"

    2. Prelude To The 4 Videos

    3. It's More To Be Seen Than What You See

    4. Brain Games - What You See Now

    5. The Double Slit Test: The Test That Turned Science On Its Head!

    6. What Dreams That Manifest Are Really Made Of

    7. Energy & Growth Assignment

    1. Understanding Important Considerations From The Start

    2. Building A Business That Inspires

    3. Winning From The Start With Powerful Body Language

    4. Assignment - Getting Down To Why?

    5. Why You Need More Than The Abilities That Got You Here

    6. My Business Idea

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  • 60 lessons
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